Island Stewards: Caring for land and sea

Connecting Island stewards from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

Dates: 26 – 29th August 2024

Location: Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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The Island Arks Symposium is an exciting opportunity to share the knowledge and practice of our Island stewards.

An invaluable forum for developing collaborations and partnerships for those involved in, or with an interest in Island management within the Pacific Region and elsewhere.

Previously held on Daydream Island, Tasmania, Norfolk Island, Fiji, Rottnest Island and Philip Island, this year the symposium will be held on Kangaroo Island.

Join practitioners, land managers, policy makers, scientists, community groups and traditional custodians as they explore the challenges, pathways and solutions to island sustainability.

Island Arks Symposium II: a great success

A big thank you to all who attended the island Arks Symposium II; delegates, presenters, invited speakers, our sponsor Chevron Australia, and organisers. The Island Arks Symposium II has now concluded
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Australia’s Small Island Forum

Australia’s Small Island Forum (ASIF) is being held on Lord Howe Island 30th April – 4th May. Access the Forum website here www.asiflordhoweisland.com/home
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Corella Seabird Island Series

Geoffrey Smith, editor of the Seabird Islands publication has kindly offered access to the web version of the series: www.absa.asn.au/Seabird%20Islands/Front%20Page.htm
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Rat Island Recovery Project

The development of island ecosystems is influenced by a range of interacting factors, such as island size, age, isolation, and geomorphology, the regional pool of plants and animals and the degree to
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Island Biodiversity:In-depth Review

An In-depth review of the island biodiversity programme of work was launched at GLISPA (Global Island Partnership) fiesta, 26 October, during COP 10, Nagoya, Japan see here for details www.cbd.int/isl
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Dr Ray Nias appointed as Director (SW Pacific) for Island Conservation.

Read more about Dr Nias: http://www.islandconservation.org/news/article.php?id=24
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Update on Island Rescue-September 2011

A plan for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Australia’s Islands Content preview: What is most urgent? A National Island Biosecurity Initiative What tools do we need? A National Island Dat
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Voyage of Conservation sets sail for Pacific idyll

A voyage of conservation on a scale never seen before is underway, with the British conservation group RSPB embarking on  a rat eradication expedition to one of the most remote places on the planet, H
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Just published: State of Australia’s Birds 2010; Islands and Birds

The State of Australia’s Birds 2010; Islands and Birds – latest report released by Birds Australia www.birdlife.org.au/documents/SOAB-2010.pdf
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Just published: “Island Futures: Conservation and Development Across the Asia-Pacific Region”

An “island studies” approach with a fresh perspective on cultural and natural management issues A unique collection of critical scholarship from the Asia–Pacific region “Futurability” as a holistic al
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