• Supporting scientific research
    Island Arks partners with academic institutions
  • Arks for threatened species
    If we care for islands, we can help to reduce the risk of endangering these species further.
  • Globally important sites for seabird nesting
    Island Arks is committing to protecting and preserving bird nesting sites and habitat.
  • Every effort counts to care about islands
    From collecting marine rubbish to tracking rock-wallabies, everyone can play their part in preserving our islands.
  • Billion's of dollars of tourism income per annum
    Caring for islands supports both the natural environment and the economy.

Island Stewards: Caring for land and sea

Connecting Island stewards from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

Dates: 26 – 29th August 2024

Location: Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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The Island Arks Symposium is an exciting opportunity to share the knowledge and practice of our Island stewards.

An invaluable forum for developing collaborations and partnerships for those involved in, or with an interest in Island management within the Pacific Region and elsewhere.

Previously held on Daydream Island, Tasmania, Norfolk Island, Fiji, Rottnest Island and Philip Island, this year the symposium will be held on Kangaroo Island.

Join practitioners, land managers, policy makers, scientists, community groups and traditional custodians as they explore the challenges, pathways and solutions to island sustainability.

For more information, or to explore the opportunity to support, attend or contribute to this years symposium please contact

Registration and general enquiries: Sarah Kemp, +61 0417805899 sarahkemp@smartfuture.com.au

Sponsorship opportunities: Will Durack, +61 0427 541 751 will.durack@sa.gov.au

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