Island Arks Symposium IV

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Island Arks Symposium IV to be held on Norfolk Island 20-27th February 2016

Submission of Abstracts is now closed.  


Norfolk Island (3655ha) lies in the south-west Pacific 1400km east of mainland Australia and 1500km south-west of Fiji. An external, self-governing territory of Australia, Norfolk has strong ecological affinities with New Zealand, but is also unique as it is one of the few islands founded on a seamount in the warm temperate zone. The Norfolk Island Group is a globally important biodiversity hotspot and has been designated as an ‘Important Bird Area’ by Birdlife International. The group is a breeding site for several 100,000 seabirds including the masked booby, grey ternlet, white tern, sooty tern, & wedge-tailed shearwater. Phillip Island supports one of the largest breeding populations of red-tailed tropic birds in Australia. Norfolk is also home to the endemic & endangered Norfolk Island Green Parakeet, & other endemic birds such as the Norfolk Island golden whistler & Norfolk Island scarlet robin.


Norfolk Island, 20-27th February 2016. The main Symposium sessions will be held from 23rd to 25th February 2016. Field trips will be available pre and post the main sessions. These are currently under development but will include trekking on Philip Island and pelagic sea bird viewing excursions. Please check back here regularly for further advices.

Travelling to Norfolk

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Norfolk Island Travel Centre (NITC) is the official Island Arks Symposium travel agent – For general enquires regarding travel to Norfolk Island contact the NITC  CLICK HERE. The Norfolk Island Travel Centre has developed a range of custom and very cost effective Island Arks Symposium Travel Packages. Please follow the link below for further information



Symposium Registrations

The Norfolk Island Travel Centre will also be co-ordinating Symposium Registrations ($500). Registrations will close on the 30th November 2015.

To register and be the first to receive your full travel package info for travel to Norfolk Island register now or check regularly for details


About the Symposium

The Symposium will be attended by; scientists, managers, decision makers, residents, and custodians. Students are encouraged to attend and there will be a discounted student registration fee. We invite the international community and specifically encourage those from neighbouring areas in Asia, New Zealand and the greater Pacific region. There will be discussion panels, workshops and field trips during the symposia. Abstracts are sought within the following themes.


Symposium Themes will include Conservation tourism, island translocations, new advances in pest control and eradication, marine and island ecosystem linkages, restoration economics and global seabird ecology linkages.

Submission of Abstracts is now closed.

The Organising Committee has now finalised the Symposium Program. Download the Program Island Arks IV – Final Program

National Coordination

For further information please contact the Symposium Chair Derek Ball @ derekball.4sea@gmail.com

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Norfolk Island Organising Committee

Joel Christian – Parks Australia

Margaret Christian – Norfolk Island Flora & Fauna Society & Wildmob

Peter Davidson – Conservator Forestry & Reserves – Norfolk Island

Cassandra Jones – Parks Australia

Abigail Smith – Parks Australia

Ben Thomas – Norfolk Island Administration

National Committee

Derek Ball – Director; Wildmob

Keith Morris – Department of Parks and Wildlife WA

Leslie Gibson – Program Leader (Biogeography); Department of Parks and Wildlife WA

Ray Nias – Director SW Pacific; Island Conservation

Jo Ritchie – Business Manager; Treescape Environmental NZ

Alan Saunders NZ


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