Submission of Abstracts for Island Arks VII is now Open

Abstract submission guidelines

  • Prepare abstracts using the template provided (download available here)
  • An example abstract can be found here
  • Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words
  • Use Arial 11 pt font
  • All authors should be identified using their full first and second names e.g., Joe. S. Baker not J. S. Baker
  • Please include affiliation(s) of all authors as a numbered footnote below the title and authors:
  • Nominate a preferred theme (see below) – we’ll endeavour to accommodate your preference.

Save your abstract in MS Word format using the file naming convention: FirstAuthorSurname_FirstInitial_abstract.docx (e.g., Thomas_B_abstract.docx)

Email your abstract file to events@penguins.org.au

Due date: 7th June 2021

Prospective Themes

  • Integrated island management and restoration
  • Island pest and weed management
  • Sea Country and islands
  • Sustainable island partnerships and ventures
  • Value of islands for the marine environment
  • Biosecurity & Governance
  • Conservation Planning and Prioritisation
  • Threatened Species
  • Island translocations
  • Island restoration and reassembling island ecosystems
  • Indigenous island communities and indigenous conservation management
  • Island people and communities: entrepreneurship, economic development, conservation capabilities
  • Island conservation and protection- includes terrestrial and marine protected areas
  • Emerging threats to island conservation and communities
  • New innovations and technologies for island research and management
  • Indigenous Partnerships
  • Community Engagement and Visitor Management
  • Management Challenges and Lessons
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Post pandemic island conservation
  • Role of modelling in island conservation
  • Resilience in the face of climate change
  • An open session to explore new, novel or innovative perspectives
  • Other

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