Island Arks Symposium V


Island Arks Symposium V will be held in Fiji during October 23-27th 2017.

The Island Arks Symposium is a long standing, high level meeting for islanders, island managers, conservation ecologists and island eco-tourism operators. The Symposium provides an invaluable forum for knowledge sharing, and as a platform for developing collaborations and partnerships amongst island people. Now in its 5th iteration, Island Arks V promises to be a wonderful opportunity for those involved in, or with an interest in island management within the Pacific region and elsewhere.

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Final Program Summary Island Arks V


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(Please note some authors have requested their presentations not be made available. Some presentations are too large to place here and cannot be compressed to a suitable size. If you would like a copy of any of these please contact us at islandarks@wildmob.org)


Challenges and opportunities for conservation in the South Pacific Sangeeta Mangubhai

Building mutually beneficial working relationships in the community Jo Ritchie


Session 1 – Community

Joe McCarter, Eleanor Sterling, Chris Filardi, Stacy Jupiter

Biocultural approaches for ridge to reef management in Solomon Islands 

Sangeeta Mangubhai, Helen Sykes, Marita Manley, Ruci Lumelume, Sirilo Dulunaqio, Margaret Fox, Yashika Nand, Lida Teneva

Can marine conservation agreements deliver biodiversity, fisheries and sustainable financing outcomes in Fiji_

Ruci Lumelume, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Sirilo Dulunaqio

Achieving Forest Conservation in Fiji through Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes- A case study from Kilaka Forest

A.T Marsh, J.M Green, L Ford, R Wallace, K Guthadjaka

Building resilience in indigenous communities through engagement

David Duffy, Christy Martin

In Hawaiʻi, Cooperative Conservation is How We Roll

Session 2 – Community cont’

Judy Gilbert

Catching Community

Ian Hutton , Emily Riddle, Sally Anne Gudge, Emma Henry, Melissa Walsh

Community led initiatives to reduce one-use plastic in island communities

Patrina Dumaru, Isoa Koroiwaqa, Akanisi Caginitoba, Sairusi Bosenaqali Vinaisi Diliku, Saiasi Buluta, Katalaini Waibuta, Rusiate Valenitabua, Solomone Vubaya, Matereti Mateiwai, Talei Kocovanua, Mesake Mataitoga, Mesake Draniatu, Alifereti Bulivou, Kathy Radway, Sangeeta Mangubhai

Managing post-cyclone community relocation on Koro Island, Fiji

Stacy Jupiter, Ferguson Vaghi, David Boseto, Hensllyn Boseto, Joe McCarter

Protected area development on Kolombangara Island through collaborative partnerships

Session 3 – Biosecurity & Governance

Robert J. Gosnell (Presented by Jeffrey Flores)

USDA AHIS Wildlife Services in the Pacific Theater

Andrew Cox

Progress on biosecurity for Australian Islands

Hank Bower

I think we dodged a bullet? Implementing a Rapid Response Plan for a Myrtle Rust incursion on Lord Howe Island in October 2016

Christy Martin

Summary-update on Rapid Ohia Death, the two Ceratocystis fungal pathogens killing Metrosideros polymorpha in Hawaii.

Day 2 – Opening

Plenary – Randy Thaman

The Silent Invasion and Depopulation of Our Island Arks: The Destruction of Pacific Island Life by Alien Plants, Animals and Diseases

David Moverley (Presented by Philip Andreozzi)

The Pacific Invasives Partnership – A Model for Regional Collaboration on Invasive Species

Session 4 – Invasive Species

Richard Griffiths, S. Cranwell, David Derand, Thomas Ghestemme, David Will, Jason Zito, Tommy Hall, Madeleine Pott, Glen Coulston

Multi Island, Multi invasive species eradication in French Polynesia demonstrates economies of scale

Ben Hoffman

Invasive ants and island conservation- the increasing need, management record, and future prospects

Randy Thaman

The ant and mealy bug invasion of Fiji: Are alien ants and their allies a greater threat to food, health, livelihood and environmental security than climate change?

David Moverley

Battling invasive species in the Pacific: Outcomes of the regional GEF-PAS project

Walsh, A., Wilson, A., McClelland, P. Presented by Hank Bower

Winning the hearts and minds – Proceeding to implementation of the Lord Howe Island Rodent eradication project

Session 5 – Myrtacea Rust

Hone Ropata

Prioritization of taonga myrtle rust species in response to myrtle rust (Austrpuccina psidii) in New Zeamand 

D.A.J. Teulon, T.T. Alipia, H.T. Ropata, J.M. Green, S.L.H. Viljanen-Rollinson, M.G. Cromey, K. Arthur, R.M. MacDiarmid, N.W. Waipara and A.T. Marsh

The threat of myrtle rust to Māori taonga plant species in New Zealand

Amanda Black, Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, Alby Marsh, Thomas Malcom, Nick Waipara, Waitangi Wood.

Myrtle Rust Aotearoa 2017: An indigenous response to a serious biosecurity threat to taonga (treasured) plant species. (Sorry not available)

Ruth E. Bone and Clare Trivedi

Preparation and response to plant health threats- tree seed banking on a small island in the Atlantic.

GS Pegg, AJ Carnegie, FR Giblin (Presented by Grant Smith)

Myrtle rust – impact on native Australian Myrtaceae and associated plant communities

Session 6 – Perspectives

Judy Gilbert & Jo Ritchie

“What we observe is not nature itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning” – Werner Heisenberg

Kevin Mills

Restoring grossly modified Island ecosystems: Where do we start and where do we want to go?

Å Berggren* and A Jansson

A sustainable food production based on insects

Sue Bower

Winning paradise back from the weeds on World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island

Day 3 – Opening

Keynote – Jon Brodie

Regulatory tools a must for watershed management for the Great Barrier Reef.

Akanisi Caginitoba, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Isoa Koroiwaqa, Sirilo Dulunaqio, Stacy D. Jupiter, Christopher Brown, Amelia Wenger

Merging traditional community-based management approaches and catchment modelling to address land-based impacts to coastal ecosystems in Fiji

Session 7 – Seagrass systems

Gilianne Brodie, Jeremy Hills, Cherie Morris, Namrata Chand, Katy Soapi & Posa Skelton

Keeping Balance- the Status and Importance of Seagrass Ecosystems in the Pacific Oceanscape

Namrata Chand , Gilianne Brodie, Jeremy Hills , Posa Skelton  and Nathan Wales

Mapping Spatial Occurrence of Seagrass Meadows in Suva Lagoon

Session 8 – Prioritisation

Jade M.S. Delevaux, Kostantinos A. Stamoulis, Kim A. Falinski, Stacy Jupiter, Leah Bremer, Alan M. Friedlander, Rachel Dacks, Kimberly Burnett, Anders Knudby, Tamara Tiktin

Managing for island resilience through scenario planning with linked land-sea models

KA Stamoulis, JMS Delevaux, M Poti, MK Donovan, J Lecky, B Costa, MS Kendall, ID Williams, SJ Pittman, LM Wedding, AM Friedlander

Seascape models reveal places to focus coral reef fisheries restoration

Amelia Wenger, Stacy Jupiter, Kim Falinksi, Waisea Naisilisili, Tingo Leve and Yashika Nand

To log or to protect? Trade-off between logging and fisheries in Kolombangara, Solomon Islands

Session 9 – Threatened Species

Matthew Low, Graham Hemson & Åsa Berggren

Raine Island revisited- catastrophic declines in seabird abundances perhaps not so catastrophic after all

Edward Narayan

Applying Conservation Physiology tools to boost Ecological Knowledge and Conservation of Iconic Fijian ground frogs (Sorry not available)

Siteri Tikoca Nunia Thomas-Moko Alivereti  Naikatini Sia Rasalato Jason Corbet

Saving FIJI’s endangered bats

Siteri Tikoca Nunia Thomas-Moko, Marika Tuiwawa, Malin Rivers Suzanne Sharrock, Jean Linsky

Saving Fiji’s Threatened Trees – a collaborative project to conserve tropical dry forests

 Nunia Thomas-Moko Siteri Tikoca Dick Watling Marika Tuiwawa Alivereti Naikatini, Michael Wenzel

Saving FIJI’s Living Fossil – The FIJI Acmopyle

Visoni Timote

Emerging plant diseases threats and important diseases in the Pacific Region.V.T


Organising Committee:

Derek Ball, Chief Executive Officer, Wildmob, Australia

Ruth Bone, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Sally Bryant, Manager Conservation Science and Planning, Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Sangeeta Mangubhai, Director, Fiji Country Program, Wildlife Conservation Society

Ray Nias, Director South West Pacific, Island Conservation

Jo Ritchie, Business Manager, Treescape Environmental, New Zealand

Fipe Tuitubou, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Fiji






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