Island Arks Symposiums

The Island Arks Symposium is a bi-annual high profile international event that is draws significant attention of islanders, island managers and researchers and conservation practitioners. The Symposium is a unique opportunity for sponsors to be part of the long-term sustainability of the worlds irreplaceable islands and the industries they support. There are numerous and varied opportunities for recognition of that contribution. If you are an industry leader in island management this is an unrivalled opportunity to stake that claim.

Island Arks Symposium I was held in December 2009 on Daydream Island in the Whitsunday Island (NE Australia). The second symposium was held in February 2012 in Canberra, ACT, the third was held early in 2014 in Hobart, Tasmania, the fourth in 2016 on Norfolk Island (SW Pacific), the fifth in Fiji during October 2017, the sixth on Rottnest Island, Western Australia in 2019, and the seventh on Phillip Island, Victoria in 2022. Details of the next Symposia, on Kangaroo Island, South Australia can be found below.

Island Arks Symposium VIII will be held on Kangaroo Island, South Australia 26-29th August 2024.

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