Island Arks Symposim II Papers and Presentations

State of the Islands Reports

  • Keynote Address: Island Conservation in Australia-Overview and Managemeny Challenge–Andrew Burbidge
  • Queensland – John Olds1, John Hicks2, Chris Mitchell3 & Malcolm Turner4 1Ecological Assessment Unit, Planning & Program Delivery, 2Marine Directorate, 3Management Effectiveness Evaluation, Planning & Program Delivery; Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management. 4Malcolm Turner, Field Management Program, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Tasmania – Sally Bryant, Tasmania Land Conservancy
  • Western Australia – Keith Morris, Western Australia Department of Environment and Conservation VIEW
  • New South Wales – David Priddel, New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage
  • South Australia – Justine Graham, South Australia Department of Environment and Natural Resource
  • Victoria – Michael Johnstone & Mike Stevens, Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment VIEW
  • Northern Territory– Alaric Fisher, Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport VIEW

Opening Invited Presentations

  • Global significance on and beyond the edge: Australia’s Island Important Bird Areas, Cheryl Gole & Samantha Vine, BirdLife Australia VIEW
  • Building our collective capacity to restore islands. Alan Saunders. Invasive Species International Landcare Research. VIEW (18MB)
  • Managing small islands in Indonesia – a success story from Kofiau MPA, West Papua, Indonesia. Joanne Wilson, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Lukas Rumetna, Karel Wamafma, The Nature Conservancy – Indonesia VIEW
  • Ecological Restoration of sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island. Keith Springer, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service VIEW (18MB)
  • Island Biosecurity in New Zealand Nature Reserves. Keith Broome New Zealand Department of Conservation VIEW
  • Deep Sea Mining in the South Pacific – opportunities and risks for Island communities. Steve Raaymakers Eco-strategic Consultants

Open Session 1 – Biosecurity

  • Barrow Island – A model for Conservation and Development
  • Russell Lagdon, Chevron Australia Environment Manager VIEW
  • Keynote address: World-Class Management – Our Environmental Responsibility and the Barrow Island Quarantine Management System. Johann van der Merwe, Chevron Australia Quarantine Manager

Open Session 2 – Conservation Planning

  • Keynote address: Prioritizing conservation management actions on Australian islands: towards an operational model. Bob Pressey Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University VIEW
  • Costs and effectiveness of actions to conserve threatened birds on Australian islands. Judit Szabo & Stephen Garnett VIEW
  • A national islands database and assessment of conservation value. Julie Quinn, Karl Bossard VIEW
  • Qualitative risk assessments to inform conservation prioritization in the Torres Strait. Grech, A.G., Coles, R., Marsh, H., Pressey, B. GRECH
  • Rehabilitation of tropical rainforest on Christmas Island: Conservation prioritisation, adaptive management, and ecological state. Grigg A.M., Moloney B., Misso M., West J. VIEW (20mb)
  • Vulnerability assessment: a decision support tool to prioritize management of turtle rookeries in a changing climate. Mariana Fuentes VIEW (6mb)

Open Session 3 – Eradications

  •  Keynote address: A Global Campaign to prevent the extinction of island species threatened by invasive vertebrates. Waldman, B., Holmes, N. & Nias, R.C.. Island Conservation
  • Eradicating rodents on Lord Howe Island. Ian S. Wilkinson & David Priddel
  • Feral goat eradication on Kangaroo Island South Australia. Pip Masters, Nick Markopoulos and Brenton Florance
  • Can the construction of interior fences make island eradication more efficient? Bode, M., Brennan, K., Desmond, A., Millar, A., & Helmstedt, K.
  • Innovative approaches to achieve weed eradication targets for Lord Howe Island. Bower, H., Bower S., and Pullbrook., S
  • The good, the bad and the unknown: alien species management on sub-Antarctic islands. Shaw, J.D, Terauds, A., Scott, J.J, Alderman, R.L. Bergstrom, D.M. & Possingham, H.P.
  • Black rat eradication on Barrow and surrounding islands. Morris, K.D.
  • Indirect Biocontrol for the Yellow Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Peter T.Green, Dennis J. O’Dowd, Gabor Neumann, Sarah E. Wittman
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different rat incursion response tools. Murphy, E.C., Brown, K.P. & Giddy, C.
  • Impact of invasive species on native invertebrates on islands: Australian examples from subantarctic Macquarie to tropical Sweers Islands. Penelope Greenslade VIEW

Open Session 4 – Conservation Entrepreneurship

  • Keynote address:The Atlas of Living Australia. John La Salle
  • Wild Mob – A case study in Conservation Entrepreneurship Andrew Elphistone & Bill Sykes
  • Ecotourism – a creative approach to weed control on Lord Howe Island. Ian Hutton
  • Wildcare’s Role in Island Conservation in Tasmania and Successful Community Engagement in Remote Area Reserves Christian Bell

Open Session 5 – Indigenous Island Management

  •  Indigenous Protected Areas. Luke Ingram
  • Anindilyakwa Experience. Gavin Enever & Elma Yantamnga
  • The Ngaro Story. Carol Prior & Marissa Deshong
  • Biodiversity Conservation on Groote Eylandt: A unique collaboration between university scientists and Indigenous Rangers. FitzGibbon S.I., van Uitregt V.O., Ellis W., Enever G., Love K. & Wilson, R.S.

Open Session 6 – Perspectives

  • Assessing the threats to beach-nesting birds from predicted sea-level rises and strategies for the conservation and management of breeding habitat. Eric J Woehler, Oberon Carter, Felicity Faulkner, Louise Gilfedder, Anni McCuaig, Priscilla Park, Valeria Ruoppolo, Chris Sharples, Lynne Sparrow, Liz Znidersic VIEW
  • Island treasures ~ biodiversity assets of the islands along the Kimberley coast of West Australia. Gibson, L.A.
  • Koalas on a Queensland Island: developing a new understanding of an Australian Icon. Ellis, W., FitzGibbon, S.I., Wilson, R.S.
  • Recovery challenges for the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote on its island refugia. Bryant, S.L . VIEW
  • Aspects of the ecology of the introduced Masked Owl on Lord Howe Island. Milledge, D., Bower, H. and Carlile, N.
  • Marine Pests – A Kangaroo Island Perspective. Brock, D., Kinloch, M. & Lahsmar, K.
  • Woody encroachment in the Whitsundays, North Queensland – significant changes since the 1940s. Kemp, J.E., Fensham, R.J.
  • Maximising scientific value on Barrow Island – a Class A Nature Reserve. Dorian Moro

Open Session 7 – Translocations

  • A Barrow load of fauna: translocations from an iconic Western Australian island. Morris, K.D and Thomas, N
  • Translocation to islands: how many, how often and for how long. Helmstedt, K.J., Possingham, H.P.
  • Bald Island, South Coast Region, Western Australia: a threatened species haven can become a breeding colony. Friend, J.A. and Comer, S.

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