Philip Island

The Island Arks Symposium VII is being held

5-9th September 2022


Phillip Island, Victoria

Enquiries can be sent to the Organising Committee via email events@penquins.org.au

Partner for Land, Sea and Coast

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Helpful Hint for attendees: Please take into consideration that the symposium is being held on Phillip Island, approximately 2.5hrs from Melbourne airport. Car hire is recommended.

Many Thanks to our Sponsors

The Island Arks Symposium VII is hosted by Phillip Island Nature Parks


Watch the Welcome to Bunurong Country Video

Bunurong Country

Womin jeka (welcome) to Millowl (Phillip Island) – this is Bunurong Country and part of Victoria’s Kulin nation. Our Country is highly significant, every square inch, every rock, every leaf, every dune and every artefact. Our Ancestors collected an ocean of information about the Island, on every living thing, every tree, every animal and the key to the complex balance of all things, which our people had managed to evolve and sustain. People today are still learning of the complexities of our Ancestors. The coastline of Millowl contains layers and layers of burnt shell (kitchen middens). Some of these layers have gaps of over 1,000 years between them, where our people eventually sat directly over the same place again, over 1,000 years later, to do the same thing; make fire, cook food, eat together and tell stories. The whole region is connected by thousands of generations worth of tradition, story and song. Some of our sites were created at a time when our people could look back over Nerm (Port Phillip Bay) to see a grassy plain with the Yarra River winding its way out to sea over a beautiful waterfall. The connection we have to this land as a result of this long history is not easy to quantify into words, which usually barely begin to scratch the surface, making all attempts to describe its significance to feel understated; this is no exception.

Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation – Registered Aboriginal Party for Millowl

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